03 September 2011

Perthshire Artists – Luisa Ramazzotti

New project

I've recently embarked on a new video project which is a series of short movies about artists in Perthshire. The first one (below) went online just in time for this year's Perthshire Open Studios event. There's one more in the can and I'm currently arranging for more shoots with the artists concerned.

Current method for YouTube

I'm still filming at Standard Definition 4:3. After editing in Final Cut Pro I now export to Film Academy format (2048x1536 pixels) with no compression. I then use QuickTime Pro to export from the Film Academy version at 1048x786 pixels using H.264 compression. After that I'm at the mercy of YouTube like everyone else.

My first attempt to upload this movie to YouTube failed after a few hours, but I was lucky the second time around. The process took about 12 hours – probably par for the course with a file weighing in at just over 1GB and a maximum bandwidth of 2MB. I noticed that some compression artifacts had crept in towards the end of the movie, but after watching it a couple of times decided that I rather liked it.

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