15 February 2011

Misadventures with old laptops

I borrowed my wife Genie's PowerBook G4 laptop for the duration of my current stay in Holland. I wanted to keep up with the SVG course I'm following online, and expected at least one article to come in that would need approval for publishing on our community website BAD info. The PowerBook is lightweight (15" screen) and I knew I'd be able to get online easily enough, so before I set off I loaded it with all the apps and working files I was likely to need...

This morning I connected Genie's laptop to a friend's network in Bussum and logged on to the W3C Courses site to check my homework for the week. Then I realised Genie hadn't installed Opera. Opera seems to offer the best browser support for SVG at the moment and I figured I'd better download it. But Opera no longer supports OSX 10.4 or pre-Intel machines. So I tried Chrome: Intel only, OSX 10.5 or later. I was able to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox but then got the message that I'd need to upgrade the Flash plug-in for security purposes. And then I found out that Adobe are no longer supporting the Flash plug-in for this machine. Ouch!

Tomorrow I'll try the PC route – there's a recent machine running Windows 7 upstairs. I'll download the ASV plug-in for Internet Explorer (for which Adobe has offered no support for years) and hope that it runs as well as it does on my Dell laptop at home. But I'm well outside my comfort zone here, and am starting to miss my 8-core Mac Pro.

Anyway, I'll leave you with something I made earlier. Genie likes this one, so I thought I'd put it online. For Genie.

The PNG file embedded above is 29.16 kB, but its source file (SVG) is less than 3 kB.

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